Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Parable of the Talents" or Are You Wasting What He Gave You?

Today, while I was cleaning an apartment, I thought about this parable and how it applies to my life. My thought process was from a couple different perspectives.
First of all, there is the question of proper money management. Sometimes I do question how I handle the money He has provided me through employment and, until recently, Matt's SSI check. Then I step back and realize that bills are generally paid (let's not discuss medical bills from years I had no insurance). And, although we do spend a small amount on fun, it is way less than most people spend. To boot, I have been watching my credit score slowly rise, giving solid proof I'm on the right track financially.
My second are of concern is with all the gifts/abilities God has given me and whether I am using these wisely to bring souls into the Kingdom? I sit concentrating on Matt's needs for right now and worrying so much that I am not obedient enough. Yet I remember a kind woman telling me a while back that caring for Matt is my most important/only ministry for this season. Yes, parenting an autistic teen is a huge ministry to undertake alone, yet  . . .
And I do have my blog, which is a small ministry . .

I am doing the ministry He needs me to do for right now . .
That is the important thing!!

300 N Pine St, Joliet 60435

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Cute Bull!!!

Is he not the most adorable thing you've ever seen???!!!

Dairy Cows . . .

When the Path Gets Rough . .

I've been a bit AWOL  ~~ stress way too high so I've been keeping to myself . . .
I am in financial limbo between car issues, plumbing issues and SSI stopping . . we will be ok, but this adventure is getting really creative!! Thinking so far outside box can't even see the box in the distance!!
I'm looking at all potential ways to live as cheaply as possible . . . Some decisions will astound/confuse but my main concern is that Matt is cared for and happy . . am going to blog most of this journey but a lot will be blogged after the fact and a lot of details will be secret as I need to feel safe again  . . . 

Do Sleepy Sheep Count Humans??

Joy Dare ~~ August 2015

27th ~ 3 gifts new . .
(: knowledge
(: a friend (a truly special gift)
(: a clearer path

28th ~ 3 gifts long awaited  . . .
:] renewed determination
:] letting go . .
:] understanding my current mission

Matt Loves Horses

Equestrian therapy is amazing for autistic children. It's like the horses can communicate in a way these children can automatically connect to. When Matt is with horses there is a peace in him I see at no other time . . .

Grand Champion Quilt

House Plants and Cut Flowers Were Popular

If you have a green thumb you really should enter your plants at the fair!!


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