Friday, April 18, 2014


It's a matter of trust...
Of a place to feel safe...
Of people to feel safe with...
Of safe situations...
Of being accepted for who we each are and what we believe...
Of not having to worry our personal information will be spread around...
Of knowing we can return home to peace and safety...
Of quiet family evenings and silly goofy family adventures...
Of thinking and looking outside the box...
And, no matter how crazy, scary, mean and bizarre the world gets, it all disappears when we arrive home!

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Hat in Purple!

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Extreme Couponing Fun!

Hi!! Okay, I finally stopped at the CVS (at 809 Plainfield Rd, Joliet, IL) and did my coffee transaction. Here's what I did:
Starbucks bagged coffee (normally $10.49) is on sale for $6.99 a bag.
I purchased two (2) bags at the sale price saving an instant $7.00!
Then I stacked on the $5.00 CVS extrabucks I previously earned.
After that I applied a $2.00 manufacturers coupon good on the purchase of two (2) bags of coffee.
And the final result??
Coffee that would normally have cost me $21.35 including tax was only $7.22!
That's a 67% Savings!!!

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Joy Dare~ April 2014

*15th~ a gift in a bag, in a box, in a book~~
knitting; coupon deals; Bible reading in Proverbs from Matt
*16th~ 3 hard eucharisteos~~
standing in line at 29F; filing in unheated closet; a nagging feeling about an old friend
*17th~ 3 gifts woven together~~
family; good friends; faith and salvation with Bible reading/ study and regular prayer
*18th~ 3 gifts inherited~~
patience; perseverence; intelligence
*19th~ 3 gifts square~~
*20th~ a gift stacked, stashed, stilled~~

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Day 118/ 365

Welcome back! I must admit I'm so glad my sweet little daffodills weren't killed off by that odd bout of snow we had! And, actually, it looks as though the snow brought up a lot of my flowers. I had forgotten how pretty the front parkway is when it's in bloom.
I had also forgotten how many plants I have to move if I'm going to totally relandscape. Hopefully Matt and I can get this project started this weekend. As we relandscape one area it will automatically change another, so this process process can feel involved and overwhelming at times.
I do think, though, that once we get the first big part done, it will all go smoothly and seem to fall into place. Actually, the biggest project is moving the old chicken run as I want to put many of these flowers where it's standing now. Matt began digging it up two (2) weeks ago, so we just need the final push to get it done.
I'm so looking forward to all the planned changes to our humble homestead!

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