Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Updated My List a Bit: Karen Deanna Joyce (Cozieluv) on Day Zero

Hey there!! Welcome back . . I finally took some time to update this list  . . it's fun to look at my list and actually be able to see progress being made!! There are still more updates to add, but here is a quick peek of updates I made today:


My First Crazy Quilt

A few stitches and prayers before work . . . .

Miss Lori's Snood #4

A bit more done . .

Mt Paid Work~Out

Time to move those muscles . .

Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 327/365

A breakfast burrito (Matt's fav) and he's off to school . .
Swedish tea rings wait for tomorrow night's supper, quietly taunting us . . .
The snow on my humble homestead looks pretty from the warmth of my kitchen  . . .

Free Heat!!

A roasty~toasty winter is available to all who have a wood stove . .
It is 25*F outside yet 63*F in my home . .
The furnace hasn't been on since I woke up and added more wood to the fire . .
Firewood is free if you know where to look and are diligent  . .
Therefore a warm winter is available for free . . .

1000 Marble Challenge *'* Weeks 111-112

Another two (2) weeks of marbles done . .
And both into the blue vase . . .
Despite me increasing pressure to help at home, be respectful and keep up grades Matt has deemed the last two (2) weeks well spent . .
He says:
"Because we got a lot done and we did it with fun and style!"
And so it is with a great teen . . .

Joy Dare •~• November 23, 2015

3 gifts only in Christ  . .
:) perseverance
:-) salvation and the peace it brings
:-] Holy Ghost gently guiding my footsteps

My Paid Work~Out Program

My paid work~outs for this week begin!!
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