Friday, September 5, 2014

Waste in a World of Serious Need

I stopped at the Speedway on Jefferson St in Joliet for a 44oz Coke and couldn't believe what I saw! It amazed me to see an employee take sandwiches from the display and throw these in the trash!!
How sad is it to waste food this way when MorningStar Mission is trying to feed so many homeless and low income families every day!!!
Please, can someone out there explain to me how a corporation as big as Speedway does not have, and enforce, a policy to donate to shelters?!?!?!
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Day 247/365

Waking to a stormy day with both Matt and I feeling flu-ish, I keep Matt home from school to rest while I head off to the trenches. . It was a long day and, although I did a thorough job, I was really dragging and felt it as I looked around at my progress. . Honestly, the only reason I went to work was because I knew my boss was coning in to pick up deposit records. . Otherwise? I would have stayed home to sip tea and rest. . . But responsibility called and keeping a job is critical in a world where we're all easily expendable. . . .
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joy Dare August 2014

·1st~ 3 gifts summer~
Hanging out; movie day; hermit crabs
·2nd~ 3 gifts cut~
Ties; stress; drama
·3rd~ 3 gifts yellow~
Sunrise; Bible study book (sort of); Pooh
·4th~ a gift cool, warm, sun soaked~
McDonald's iced coffee; water as I scrubbed; hope
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