Monday, July 27, 2015

Hope Quilt Top

Today was a blessing!!
This process of watching my blessings is interesting  . . . .
The keeping track of each and every good thing going on in my life is so good for my soul . .
Seeing all He provides for us . .
Seeing every opportunity He sets before us to serve others and bring them home to Him . .
Even as some blessings are disappearing others (more potent) are replacing these in a truly miraculous way . . .
It is, after all, the heavenly blessings that far outweigh the worldly blessings!!!

Day 208/365

Taking a break out in my "break room"/ sanctuary . . .
Enjoying the peacefulness and breeze with a pair of friendly cardinals and a hungry squirrel . . .
Back here, hidden from the stressors of my day, God's hand calms my soul.

Day 206/365

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Psalm 90:12 Challenge~ Day 6/30

Hello there and welcome back. Hope your Sunday has been blessed and plentiful in His blessings.
How are you doing with this challenge? I must admit that, although I did think about it yesterday, I did not do any Bible study at all. I'm human so therefore fallible.
And for today? I have spent portions of my day pondering what He has for me . . I need to reach more lost souls for Him . . I need to more closely guard my heart . . and I need to focus better on His plans for each day/week/year . . .

My First Crazy Quilt

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