Friday, August 22, 2014

Psalm 77

As I was deep cleaning very beautiful wood trim 104.7 WBGL mentioned Psalm 77 and how we need to remember all God has already done for us/times He's come through when we lay awake in worry.
This really spoke to me as I have been worrying a lot lately, sometimes to the point of being physically ill from it. There are mornings I wake so worried it takes an hour to calm down and get out of bed!
Then I remember that He may very well be using this uncertain time to strengthen me for what's to come... I'm beginning to think He's got me in some sort of extreme training as though I will be living as though it's 1620...
I know He's always with me and won't give me more than He and I can handle together.
I am quiet and remember all the times He's been there for .e when there was no one else to count on!
Peaceful in His love...
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Day 234/365

Something about a shiny clean hardwood floor!!!
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Knitting at Lunch

My latest snood is a fun break from my paid workout program!!
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1st Premium at Will County Fair!!!

I am so excited!!!!
My up-cycled dolly won 1st Premium at the Will County Fair!! How cool is that????
It's so exciting to have the quality and design recognized by the judges. There were about five (5) total rag dolls entered. The others all looked to be completely hand sewn, although it's not possible to actually touch these as all entries are locked in cages. I will be making more up-cycled lovies so will save the fanciest to enter next year!!
Also, it was fun to wander the Fine Arts Building looking at all the entries to get ideas for next year. It's all well and good to see the list of possibilities in the Will County Fair Book, but actually seeing items entered perks up the imagination. I also realized there are other areas where I am quite proficient and could easily make and enter a nice project next year.
I also have to admit that I was amazed at how few entries there were in some categories like home canned foods and baked goods as I thought there would be way more! And let me tell you, there were So many entries in the Lego and Photography categories! Wow!!! Competition is quite stiff there!!
There were quite a few sets if hats and neither of the hats I entered won anything. I talked to a lady there who said it depends on the judges each year and what they are looking for. I think this year was more intricate stitches where as mine were intricate color patterns, bead work and creative design (I knitted basic tight stitches for warmth for the homeless). I will enter more hats next year, but am not sure if I will knit toward ribbons or not... maybe ;-)
See you at the fair!!

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Matt's Fair Entry Won 4th Premium!!

Matt won 4th Premium in his division at the Will County Fair!!!
Such an amazing boost for my sweet teen to see his ribbon. After a quick happy dance we wandered to look at the other Lego projects to see what other kids had made and get ideas for next year.
Yup, Matt's now addicted to the fair!!!
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