Thursday, August 28, 2014

Knitting and Relaxing. . .

Okay, so I have beautiful colors and found a pretty stitch pattern. . . And it's a simplistic pattern yet looks really pretty on the app. . . Okay, so explain to me why I can't get this right!?!?!?!?
Yes, I do realize I'm trying to knit on breaks at work and at home while trying to parent. . . So there's no possible way to completely concentrate. . . . I have actually torn out my stitches three (3) times today. . .
This has now become a "thing". . . that's when you begin losing to an inanimate object and absolutely have to turn it around and Win. . . .
I will get this pattern down to the point of being able to knit it without looking AND will end up with a hand knit hat of blue ribbon quality for next year's fair.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 239/365

Today has been a day of deep thought and yet deeper prayer. . .
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Homestead Morning

Good morning, all!!! Amazingly it's a nice cool 68F here at Whispering Hills Homestead, so, while Matt had a quick bath, I wandered out back to trim a bit and pull a few weeds from our humble garden. ... and, peeking out from under pesky weeds? Two miniature eggplant almost ready for picking, one green tomato and three sweet banana peppers! Not a bad haul for such a tiny garden, if I do say so myself!!
Then? Well, back indoors to pour cereal and wait for Matt's bus and off to wash dishes and get my own bath...
With all the crazy weather lately I find myself adjusting windows to keep rain out yet allow enough air flow that we don't suffocate... LOL!
What's the morning routine on your homestead?
What's your trick to keep your house cool without air conditioning??
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